The diverse quality of line is what attracts Jill to drawing, from the economy of minimal line drawing, sparse in appearance, to dynamic mark-making, rich in tones.

Jill has been developing a pared down style of gestural drawing using vital, dynamic, minimal line to catch a pose, often held for only a few moments. She has been gradually moving towards an inclusion of colour in her drawings, experimenting first with water-based colours then acrylics, exploring mark-making  to retain movement in her drawings.

 Jill has been working with models who slowly turn from one supple attitude to another. Jill uses gestural brush strokes to describe the movement, laying paint upon paint - gesture and line, the previous movement overlaid by the next. To finish, Jill reduces the paint marks to reveal the figures within the overlays, graceful and suggestively facing this way and that.

Recently Jill has been experimenting with how little information is needed to portray the body.

Besides her contemporary dance training, Jill initially studied in education and taught in Primary schools in London before moving to Oxfordshire where she obtained her BA in Fine Art.


She currently tutors with the Adult Learning faculty Abingdon&Witney College

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